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The long and the short of it

Wahey, 4-day weekend! I know I've only just come back from a long holiday but already this break feels much-needed. The trouble is that when Easter's coming up, there's so much extra preparation to do that a 4-day week at work actually feels longer than most 5-day weeks. Today just went on forever, and what's more annoying is that before Fearless Leader took over we would have had an early finish on the Thursday before Easter - not any more though. Oh well, at least I got loads done. But then there's the other problem with long weekends - you look forward to them for a long time so when they arrive they seem to be over in an even shorter time than usual.

However that's enough of the negative, I'm still right at the start of the Easter weekend so might as well look forward to it. Going to the theatre three nights out of four, and two of those are to the same play. No prizes for guessing what that is. Daytimes I'm not up to much except on Sunday when I'm going to Mum's for lunch. Anyone want to keep me occupied one of the other daytimes? No? Oh well, I've got plenty of DVDs to watch - apart from my rental ones I've also just got Extras series 2 in the post today, and Vanessa's lent me a couple of Ghibli films I hadn't seen.

Tomorrow is Mum's birthday so I'm taking her to Spamalot which should be fun. Then, in case you'd hoped I might have shut up about Equus, I'm going on both Saturday and Monday. It was never really the plan to go twice so close together - what happened was I wanted to see it from stage seats, and randomly chose Easter Saturday for that. It was only later that I remembered that Easter Monday is usually a quiet day at the theatre and I might stand a chance at a good seat - front row of the stalls as it turns out. So there we are, just one worry rears its head now: People going in the last couple of days have said the DanRad has a nasty cold. Now I could deal with seeing the understudy once (he's cute) but twice would be disappointing to say the least! Fingers crossed the lad's getting his vitamin C.

Have a good Easter, everyone.
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