nick730 (nick730) wrote,

A question of taste

OK, question:

As I mentioned last week, I went to see Equus not once but twice over Easter. By total chance and in no way carefully planned in advance *cough* both seats were very close to the stage and gave a pretty detailed view of, er, events.

Now because it's me and I'm GRATE I obviously have some more fascinating insights into the production itself, especially since my first review was of a preview and now the show's been running for a while things have changed. However, as Vanessa can attest to, I'm also quite *bouncy* and some of my comments may be embarassingly fanboyish - not to mention graphic beyond the bounds of taste and decency. So should I:

- Just post the damn review behind an lj-cut since it's now socially acceptable to have pornographic thoughts about a teenager so long as it's this particular teenager? Or,
- Make the review friendslocked to protect any innocent bystanders who might be traumatised? Or,
- Keep my filthy thoughts to myself?

I know I never get comments when I actually ask for them but what do you think, viewers?
Tags: daniel radcliffe, equus

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