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"You may remember me from such porn as..."

Do ya think I'm sexy: If so, contact an optician immediately

Yesterday was the fourth OUT Coffee Posse in Greenwich at the Powder Monkey. For no particular reason it started an hour later than usual, at 4pm - which unfortunately meant by the time we got there there were no tables available. It wasn't my favourite of these so far, I think I was still being a bit of a moody git and although there were a lot of familiar faces there wasn't really anyone new (I think the good weather made people decide to stay out in the sun instead - that's a problem with the Powder Monkey, no room to get any tables outside when the weather's good.)

Not that I didn't have a good time, as usual Jan, Dave C, David B, Alex, John, Rob, and others were good to chat to, as well as Jim who I'd met at the very first one, but hadn't remembered his name 'cause of the amount of new people I'd had to meet that day. BJ and his friend Michael came along, as did another Dave who I've seen at other events but not at the Greenwich one before.

Dave C continued to come across as the Domestic Goddess when we discovered he bakes his own bread (I did ask if he wears a lovely apron to do his baking; apparently not, although he does have one for messier jobs.) And I have to say, Dave's ability to turn any conversation round to Doctor Who is something to behold. It did lead to an interesting bit of info though: Earlier that day I'd been watching the special features on the "Logopolis" DVD and it turned out the behind-the-scenes footage of Tom Baker regenerating into Peter Davison had been provided by Jan (and indeed, there his name is on the Thank You credits.) And there was also some discussion of whether John was drinking too much. This is in no way connected to the fact that completely out of the blue he and Jim started snogging each other, which was still going on by the time I left.

I stuck around fairly late once the upstairs floors had opened and the few of us still around went to the dancefloor. After a while I had one of those occasional experiences where I see someone really good-looking and very, very familiar but can't work out where I know them from. And it turns out I remember them from porn. In this case it was a very tall, cute young guy who if I recall correctly has huge nipples. What? Details are everything. This does seem to happen fairly often to me in Greenwich - either a lot of amateur internet porn stars hang around there, or I look at too much smut. Oh, I wonder which it could be?

My eyes were already sore from hayfever and the lights and dry ice weren't doing them any favours, so I left around 11. Really, I should have left earlier but I think in my recent drive to be social I haven't quite got the hang of leaving while I'm still enjoying myself - I have the fear of missing something. Still, it's something to work on next...
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