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Old devil's advocate

I haven't got round to mentioning this before, but well done Simon. For the last week and a bit people have been really grumpy about Simon Ambrose winning The Apprentice, saying Kristina-with-a-K deserved it more, that Simon's just a posh twat and Sralan Sugar only gave him the job because he's basically a sexist and the last time he hired a woman she immediately got knocked up. I can understand that people are disappointed that a millionnaire's son won a high-paying job ahead of a single mother, but in the opening credits Sralan's voiceover always said something like "I don't care if you were born in the gutter or with a silver spoon in your mouth" so you can't take it too badly when it turns out he meant it.

Yes, yes, me defending him may not be entirely unconnected with me fancying him and the fact that he got his kit off in practically every episode, but I don't think the old devil picked him for that reason, do you? Oh well, maybe. In any case it's a shame he didn't get to enjoy his victory, instead having the backlash start within seconds of him winning. I don't think it was ever denied that he was the "riskier" choice, and Sralan played it safe in the first two seasons, so why not try something different this time? (In any case it was always obvious he'd find a job for Kristina as well once the fuss had died down.)

The other interesting thing about him winning that has been pursued in some of the papers is to what extent Sugar sees him as a surrogate son-figure. Simon was always very fanboyish about Sralan, having put him on a pedestal since he was a child. Not to be a total armchair psychiatrist but it's interesting how someone who has a millionnarie businessman for a father would look for another one to make his idol *cough* Daddy Issues *cough* As for Sralan, the papers have been reporting that he's been grooming his Apprentice to such a degree that his new co-workers now call him Mini-Me. His tendency to forgive some of Simon's more bizarre failures in the series has been taken as proof that Sralan has a soft spot for him, a nice Jewish boy who could be his surrogate son (although the Jewish Chronicle has been very evasive about whether Ambrose actually is Jewish or not - presumably because they can't decide if they want to proudly embrace a high-profile reality show winner, or distance themselves from a man who drew far too much attention to his cock on a daytime shopping channel.)

In any case, I liked Kristina and was sorry for her to miss out, but you can't deny that in amongst the flashes of insanity Simon had flashes of genius, and that's part of the fun of The Apprentice, it's a reality show where the public don't spend 50p on phone calls to decide the winner, all the decisions and all the risks are down to Sralan Sugar. And I think it's interesting that, instead of going for someone who could just step in the next day and run one of the smaller companies without much fuss, this year he took the title literally and chose someone who had a lot of potential but needed a lot of help to achieve it as well.
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