nick730 (nick730) wrote,

Lost in some nation

A dream from last night: In a different country, not sure which one but it might have been the US, maybe New York because they have a Subway system. Which is where I was, at a small station. I'd left behind a note with the name of my destination, but had found the right place to depart from, and figured I'd look at the list of stations and recognise the one I wanted. It wasn't that simple though; going through the front entrance I was immediately on a tiny platform, and when I looked at the map of stations I didn't recognise the one I was meant to go to. There were at least three different lines running through the station, two of which were numbered 30 and 41, and all of which only had a handful of stations on the entire journey. To make things even more confusing, the signs weren't very clear, so I couldn't tell if line 41 was the platform I was on, or the one through a tunnel. I figured I'd have to go back and get my directions, but decided to give it another try first.
Tags: dreams

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