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Order of the IMAX

3D neck-porn! Well, not exactly. After seeing Order of the Phoenix at the cinema I wanted to go again, but figured I'd wait and see it in IMAX 3D. This version finally arrived here last week, so I went to Waterloo this afternoon to watch it.

I hadn't been to the IMAX before, and only the last 20 minutes of the film are actually in 3D. So no, sadly the neck-porn isn't in those 20 minutes, but it was on a very big screen indeed, with every bit of stubble visible, which was nice.1 The film was as good as I'd remembered it, but to be honest the 3D element was a bit of a letdown. Apart from the Dumbledore/Voldemort duel, where the falling shards of glass are very impressive, there's not much that it adds - for much of the Ministry of Magic sequence the best I could muster was "Oh look, they're slightly more corporeal-looking. Well done." The 3D in the trailers for the bloody shark movies at the start was more impressive to be honest, although I guess that's fair enough since those films were actually made for 3D, rather than having it tacked on.

While I'm in gripe mode, who the hell designed that building? There's a lot of people leaving the cinema at the same time, many of whom have been drinking oversized cokes, would a couple more loos have gone amiss? People need to pee, BFI IMAX designers! When there's a massive queue for the men's room you know you're in trouble, just imagine how big the queue for the ladies' would have been. Also I wonder if the fact that I wear glasses anyway affected why the 3D didn't look that great to me - I had to hold the 3D glasses directly on top of my own to stop the picture blurring. And I still ended up with a headache. Plus, and this isn't the IMAX's fault but let's pretend it is, lately when I've been sitting down for too long my left leg gets really painful (I really should get that checked out.) In the theatre at least there's usually an interval so I can get up and walk around, but here by the last 45 minutes of the film I was in agony, so that didn't help.

Ooh, it sounds like I really hated it doesn't it? I didn't really, I still enjoyed the film but have already talked about that so there's not much else to say. On the way there I got a text from Dave C inviting me over for a meal, but as my ticket was already paid for I had to say no. And I'm not saying I'd have rather have said yes and wasted the cash (I'm seeing him tomorrow instead anyway) but you know, I'm not going to be adding the IMAX to my regular social diversions. The iced moccha latte I had before going in was very nice though (I am getting so addicted to Caffe Nero right now.)

1Yes, sooner or later I will get every one of Mark Williams' Fast Show catchphrases in to a Harry Potter post.
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