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Mister Demotivator

If Fearless Leader didn't already have a nickname (no, believe it or not FL isn't his real name) the above would probably be pretty apt as well. I don't think I've ever had a boss with such a knack for making people less willing to put an effort in. Although vanessaw's back at work now, covering for her those two weeks means I'm still way behind on my own work - and when I came in early last Monday to do start-of-the-month invoices, the system was down and by the time our computer people got it sorted, the lead I'd given myself was gone. So that didn't get done, and I really needed to put some more extra hours in.

But as soon as I resolved to stick around and do some overtime, a call would come in from Fearless Leader, letting me know about something INCREDIBLY URGENT that I just had to do by the end of the day. Apart from putting me even further behind, it also crushed any intention I might have had to do him any favours, and out the window goes that free overtime I was going to do. This is known as the Fuck This For A Game Of Soldiers Effect (or as Brecht called it1 Das Fukzirfureingameofsoldatseffekt.) For the second time in a fortnight he pulled the "hilarious" trick of giving me an incredibly urgent job to do that yes, I knew perfectly well was urgent because KAREN AND I HAVE BEEN TELLING HIM IT'S URGENT FOR THE LAST TWO PISSING YEARS! In this instance the fact that our computer room is dangerously overfilled with servers and printers. Since we don't have anywhere else to put them and have been asking him to fork out to have more parts of the building put on the network so we can actually do something about it, asking me to sort it out in an afternoon was a bit much.

Just as I was muttering curses a promotional email came in from Greenwich Theatre. I tend to default to the Homer Simpson way of cheering myself up ("just write a cheque and release some endorphins") so another impulse booking was made, which is how I ended up going to see The Ballad of James II on Friday night. Not that I didn't enjoy it, but sitting in front of the telly would probably have cost less. Thanks, Fearless Leader - not only do I not get paid enough for the amount of hours I do, but now you're encouraging me to spend all the money I do make to feed my addiction.

I'm actually thinking of going in early tomorrow to do those invoices that were due a week ago - it's the only way, get them done before FL arrives and has a chance to put me off for another week.

Tags: office politics, theatre

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