nick730 (nick730) wrote,

Just me and my brain

Anyone noticed the total lack of book reviews on here for some time? I've barely been reading at all, and it's not because the book I've got on the go is crap, I'm actually enjoying it. But I find it hard to force my brain into "relax" mode enough to pick it up, even when I'm stuck on a bus or train (my usual reading places.)

I don't think this is entirely sinister - obviously I'm being a bit obsessive about going to the theatre at the moment, so it's probably taken up some of the headspace I usually reserve for getting really into a book. But it does mean that I'm less able to distract myself, and end up spending more time with just my thoughts - and that's probably not the best idea since I'm not in a great place at the moment. And I don't mean Bermondsey. Well, that too.

Right, I'm going home.
Tags: books

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