nick730 (nick730) wrote,

A day wasted well

Today was the first day of my almost-a-fortnight off work. I've been saying for a while that what I was really looking forward to about today was that I didn't have to get out of bed if I didn't want to. Not that I ever had any real intention of doing that, it was just nice to know I had no pressing engagements.

I didn't have that long a lie-in, although all I did in the morning was go online for a bit and watch telly. About lunchtime I had a shower and got dressed, and went into Greenwich for lunch. One of the small treats I'd promised myself for my holiday was lunch at the noodle bar 'cause I hadn't been there in ages. It was raining heavily all day but I had my brolly with me so I was happy enough. The Tai Won Mein was busy but I had plenty of room so I had sweet and sour chicken with fried noodles and read my book. It's been ages since I've been able to just sit and slowly enjoy my lunch, I've got so used to wolfing down a sandwich at my desk. Sad to say, this was probably the most enjoyable lunch I've had in a long time.

Afterwards I wandered around the bookshop (managed not to buy anything) then remembered that there was hardly anything in the fridge and figured it was time for the supermarket. I think a lot of my stress lately has been that, when I'm not at work I feel like I've got so little time left, I get disproportionately het up when I'm waiting for a bus, stuck in traffic etc. Today I decided to completely go against my instincts, and just dawdle because I was in no rush. So instead of getting the first bus that came by and walking through the rain the rest of the way, I waited for a 129, the only one to actually go right up to Sainsbury's. Sounds insignificant, but actively deciding I could spare the ten minutes or so longer until the right bus came along seemed like a major step to calming me down.

Back here I went online a bit, read for a while, had some dinner, phoned Penny and Mum, watched Hollyoaks and now here I am online again (where is everybody?) Tomorrow my theatre trips start, which is just as well because if I had too many of these zombie days I'd get bored silly; but in the meantime I think I really needed this buffer day to know that I could waste time and it really didn't matter.

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