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Book review: Vicious Circle

When I saw the third of Mike Carey's Felix Castor novels in the shops it reminded me that I hadn't read the second one yet. I really enjoyed his first novel and Vicious Circle is more of the same. This time freelance exorcist (except he doesn't perform actual exorcisms any more, which is putting a strain on his finances to say the least) Castor gets caught up in something he didn't think was possible: The ghost of a small girl has been kidnapped, and he's hired to bring the spirit back.

Of course even this isn't complicated enough, and the downside of this book is that at the middle section Carey seems to be juggling a hell of a lot of disparate plot strands and this gets frustrating. It pays off though as he pulls all the elements together for the last 100 pages. The slightly bitchy sense of humour is still present and correct, and one joy of an ongoing series is being reintroduced to familiar characters, such as the demon Juliet who is trying to pass as human (this largely involves trying not to eat too many people.)

I do recommend Mike Carey in both prose and comic books, if you like a particularly British tinge to your fantasy.
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