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Swear it all over again

Apropos nothing, except that I was round at Dave C's this evening and we were talking about Frances de la Tour in The History Boys, here are my two favourite bits of creative swearing from theatre and film:

First of all the aforementioned scene from The History Boys, where Richard Griffiths' Hector is talking about a student's relationship with the school secretary, and over-romanticising it as is his way. Mrs Lintott cuts to the chase as only Frances de la Tour can:
I'd have said he was cunt-struck. You should like that Hector, it's a compound adjective.
This, ladies and gents, is why Alan Bennett is a National Treasure.

But my all-time favourite comes from a rather less literary source: The otherwise awful film Blade Trinity in which Ryan Reynolds (having acquired huge muscles and a beard in the mistaken belief that it makes him look less gay) taunts Parker Posey with:
You cock-juggling thundercunt!
Wahey! As if the cock-juggling bit isn't good enough (She's such a big ho! She juggles cocks!) we have "thundercunt," which is so brilliant you ignore the fact it doesn't actually mean anything. In fact the whole thing is such gibberish it's a strange kind of genius.
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