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Dumble penetration

I've already commented on this over on ciel_vert's journal but let's face it, JK Rowling's cheerful announcement that Dumbledore was gay deserves a quick mention on here as well.

About time JKR had an openly gay character in the Harry Potter books, even if it never actually got mentioned in the text (come on, would the US publishers have let her be explicit for a second while the books were still being published? The UK publishers would probably have choked on their butterbeers as well.) Anyway, the clues were there, why else was he willing to overlook Grindelwald's dark side for so long unless he was in love with him?

Of course, all this stuff about Neville getting married is just because she didn't want to out two characters at once - of course Neville's gay too, there's too much evidence to the contrary. I like the idea of him being the coolest teacher 'cause he lives above the pub but come on, he lives there with Anthony Goldstein (there's my fixation with Nice Jewish Boys again.)

Now, who should be cast as the young Albus & Gellert in the Deathly Hallows movie? Lingering gazes a-go-go.
Tags: gay, harry potter
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