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Hang on, when did this turn into a rude photo blog?

This is turning into a bit of a meh week; it's my second 6-day week at work in a row, and it's definitely dragging more than I'd like. All day at the office I'm just desperate for 5pm to come around so I can come home, and when I'm back here (except on Monday when I went bowling) I'm just bored. The November Surprises which started the month have obviously spoiled me, and now I'm not happy unless I've got something exciting and new to keep me bouncy every day. Plus, the thought that I might be missing another bit of news is keeping me on the net, when I could just go offline and watch a DVD.

Still, last night's Spooks may not have had hottie Raza Jaffrey as Zaf as mentioned yesterday, but Rupert Penry-Jones isn't going anywhere yet (although it seemed touch-and-go for a while there.)

He's been having trouble keeping his clothes on this series, and in last night's BBC3 ep he obviously couldn't control himself any longer, and got his cock out.

Hurrah! Look for that scene to be heavily edited when it's shown in America.

Sadly this does not count as an official November Surprise, because it wasn't provided by that there Internet there; because like I say, he's obviously been gagging to get it out all season so it's not that surprising; and because I'm not going to have two consecutive nudey pics as daily highlights, what kind of person do you think I am? I've still posted it though - oh.
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