nick730 (nick730) wrote,

"Mr Nice isn't being so nice"

Why yes, it is far too soon for yetabloodynother Avenue Q/Daniel Boys post, but this could be the closest we get to a clip of him in the show being posted on "The Internet," unless someone takes one of those illegal cameraphone clips of a performance (and obviously So anyway... in no way approves of that sort of thing because it be nasty and naughty and WRONG.) Over on YouTube, catnip25 is pretty good for clips of Mr Boys, and has even replied on this blog in the past so presumably doesn't mind me broadening the clips' audience by, ooh, maybe three people. Wisely, his/her choice from When Joseph Met Maria isn't one of the singing bits AND WHY DID THE NOT-JOSEPHS ONLY GET TO SING TEDIOUS BLOODY XMASTM SONGS ALL THE TIME ANYWAY but Daniel's little VT about his new job. You get to see a teeny weeny bit of him rehearsing "Purpose," and enjoy the BBC making sure you don't hear the word "ass" at 7pm on Christmas Eve.

Ooh, he's got one of those mini Trekkie Monster puppets in his dressing room. I entered a competition to win one of those. But didn't. I also feel compelled to point out, because I was unsure of his casting and was proven wrong, the blink-and-you'll-miss-it glimpse of Mark Goldthorp in the background (blond guy in check shirt.) Despite him having an "interesting" face I'm pretty sure I Would. (Regular readers will be unsurprised, as he fulfills the crucial "human male between the ages of 18 & 40 with a pulse" criteria.)
Tags: avenue q, daniel boys, mark goldthorp

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