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They keep killing Kylie

It's OK, you can stop holding your breath, I've finished watching the Doctor Who Christmas Special 2007 for the second time, so can write my review now. Reaction to "Voyage of the Damned" has been pretty love-hate, but then when isn't it? Personally, I think it was the most successful of the three XmasTM specials so far, although it didn't need the extended running time (normal eps are usually 45 minutes; "Specials" 60 minutes; this ran for 70 minutes. Since "Last of the Time Lords" also overran, does that mean we're edging towards 90-minute eps in time for the 2009 Specials?)

So, Kylie. Actually she was pretty good, although if it wasn't for the star power she wouldn't have been sharing top billing, and I'm sorry Russell T. Davies but if she counts as an official companion then so does Lynda-with-a-Y. She was a fun addition to a mostly-excellent cast (Gray O'Brien was a notable exception, he was shit) but as soon as she said she'd like to join the Doctor on his travels she was doomed. Honestly girl, don't you know you don't agree to join the TARDIS crew until after you've survived your first adventure? Apart from which, we know Catherine Tate & Freema Agyeman are the S4 companions, not Kylie OBE, so she never stood a chance.

So Kylie's character, Astrid, died saving the World as per, and then it looked like RTD had copped out and was going to bring her back, only for the Doctor to fail and send her out into a weird afterlife, roaming the skies as stardust. In fact almost everyone the Doctor promised to save karked it. A bit weird to have such a bleak, suicide-heavy episode for the festive season, but I quite liked that. Morvin and Foon were OK, and I wonder if adding a couple of self-sacrificing fatties was RTD's way of making up for the whole "all fat people are evil Slitheen!!1!!OMG!!11" thing. Clive Swift was great - possibly my favourite moment was when it looked like he was going to say that if the Doctor could choose who lived or died he'd be a god (Ten's come close enough to saying that himself a few times, let's face it) and instead said he'd be a monster. Geoffrey Palmer was his usual hangdog self, Bernard Cribbins was in it (and will reappear in S4 according to the trailer) and they just about got away with the cameo from the world's most unconvincing Elizabeth II impersonator because of the darkness everywhere else. Nice of the Queen to stay in London for Christmas out of defiance for the regular alien invasions. Despite the fact that any fule no the Royals spend that time of year at Balmoral. *Something about Russell T Davies and rubbish old queens.*

Overall I enjoyed the episode - I'm not sure it's one for repeated viewings, mainly 'cause of the inflated running time, but there was a lot of fun to be had. I do like that at this of all times of year, we had evil robot angels killing people with their haloes in the style of OddJob and his hat. Logic was thin on the ground as usual, but not to the distracting extent it has been in the past. Oh and of course there was George Costigan as Max Capricorn, channelling Doctor Evil for his "I hear the ladies there like... metal."

Now, have I forgotten anyone? Oh yes, there's the matter of a certain Midshipman Alonso Frame. I may have mentioned once or twice (a day) that I was quite looking forward to Russell Tovey being in Doctor Who. No, the sticky-out ears don't put me off. If you can't figure out what sort of situation they'd be handy to grab onto, this may not be the blog for you. Nobody seems to have capped his scenes from "Voyage of the Damned" so I guess that means I'll just have to post this photo instead.

"What's that you say? Eating this apple will cast me out of the Garden of Eden forever? But you'll throw in a free sexing? Sounds like a fair trade really." Phew, let's have a clothed photo to calm me down.

Oh, that didn't help. Anyway, Russell Tovey played Midshipman Frame and was, unsurprisingly, excellent. I think it was a bit cruel that it looked like he was going to take his shirt off to tend to his mortal-oh-no-wait-actually-it's-not-that-bad wound, only to put more clothes on instead, but you can't have everything. It was a pretty meaty part (oh no, more naughty thoughts!) with him in charge of the bridge for most of the episode, and if it wasn't for the fact that there was a star name involved his name belonged in the opening credits as much as Brave Kylie's. Speaking of opening credits - ooh, I like the bombastic new mix of the feem toon!

So in summary, Russell Tovey was in a pretty good Doctor Who Christmas Special, and so were some other people. Hot gay1 Essex boys for the win!

1I'm never quite sure if Mr Tovey's sexuality is meant to be public knowledge or not. On the one hand I've never seen it mentioned, even in passing, in any articles or interviews And That; on the other hand there's no shortage of people who've seen him getting off with men in public so it's probably safe to say he's not in the closet. So I'm assuming it's one of those It's Not An Issue things, hurray! Oh well, here's another picture which is not related in any way to anything I've just said.

According to Paul on the lowculture boards It's from a page about Barbra Streisand's European tour, and the other man is Michael Arden, who appeared as one of Babs' "broadway boys" and is an up and coming West End leading man. Hey, stop that - I can see you you know, imagining what Russell might get up to with his friend.
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