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Fighting adversity with the power of nipples

This post was meant to appear last night, and I was going to call it "I wish to register a complaint" because after expressing a wish to go an entire week without posting any pics of young men in a state of undress, I lasted a mere 48 hours before Hollyoaks made it impossible to stick to the plan. Then the universe conspired to help me with my resolution in a way I'd really rather it hadn't, by buggering up my home computer where all my lovely pics are stored. Still, spirit of the Blitz and all that, so this post is now a matter of defiance dammit! I had to edit the pics on Office Picture Manager, whose interface I don't like but I guess it does the trick, and I had to make sure nobody saw my monitor while I was doing it because although I'm on lunch it might still have raised some awkward questions.

Enough preamble: The "McDean" storyline is long gone so JP's been treading water for a few months, but with the arrival of the priest who JP will soon be shagging, Lovely Lovely James Sutton actually has something to do on screen for a change.

In a scene that was incredibly sexy for some reason, considering it was completely tame, JP was chatting to his friend Elliott while getting changed. He took his jumper off, and his T-shirt rode up to show his bellybutton. Simple pleasures etc. He then started to take the T-shirt off as well, but paused to say something.

Then he looked like he was going to take it off again, only to pause again.

Ah James, you put the "tease" in striptease. It's OK, there was a topless shot in the end.

Yes, I'm aware he's not as toned as he could be, so I am once again invoking the "more of him to love" option. Anyway, when I cast him in the play I haven't quite got round to writing yet1 which will feature frequent, totally-necessary-and-by-no-means-gratuitous nudity, I'll get him to go to the gym before rehearsals. Anyway, if a couple of extra pounds are enough to put you off this -

- then there's something wrong with you.

(Oh and triomakesmehot and ciel_vert: This one's straight in real life - see I like to provide for all sorts.)

1I've still only got the start and the ending in my head, and am painfully aware that something has to happen in between before I can realistically call it a play.
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