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Yesterday I attempted to find the warranty documentation and XP disk for my computer, in case they're needed (vanessaw's husband has kindly offered to help, but just in case he can't...) I didn't find them, but I did get some nice cuts and grazes for my trouble, digging around in cupboards and shelves. If I do end up needing them I'm going to have to take the whole place apart - as I've said before, having a small flat doesn't mean you can find things easily, if anything it makes it worse. I really should stop putting important documents in "safe" places though, because they obviously end up safe even from my own prying eyes. I really should have popped them between the PC and the printer - surely right next to the object they relate to is the best place for them, even if that means they're not hidden away? The only time I've ever learn this lesson is with the TV license, which sits on the TV.

You may recall that a week ago I said I wanted to go a week without posting pics of fit men on my blog, and the computer's little mishap was a sign that this was a mistake, and I should continue with the totty. Of course, the fact that the PC died just before I was going to break that promise with this post could be taken to mean the exact opposite, but if the world's religions have taught us nothing else (and they haven't) it's that you should decide what a sign from above means before it actually occurs. So, in the spirit of continuing the good work, this month's Attitude magazine has an interview with Russell Tovey. It's not his best pic ever, but let's have it anyway eh?

In the interview we find out he's gay (Everyone quick! Do your "surprised" face!) OK, so everyone knew, but at least now I don't have to qualify every time I mention it with "no really, loads of people have seen him snogging men in public" etc. In The Sea he apparently plays a simpleton, so that scuppers my hopes of him getting off with Harry Lloyd, but who knows, simpletons in plays don't always feel the need to wear clothes, do they? He says he'd be willing to do frontal nudity (yay!) has a long-term boyfriend (boo!) and has done a pilot for a TV show called Being Human in which he plays a werewolf who flatshares with a vampire and a ghost, and he's naked for the opening scene. Bloody hell, someone commission this show, stat!

Since I had to search for a scan of the Russell Tovey pic (well I say search, I just went straight to FMF, why google all over the place when you know where you're going to end up anyway?) here's some of the other pics from the issue.
On the cover is Ed Speleers, who I don't normally fancy (he's got a bit of a "nothing" face) but it has to be said this is a good photo.

Maybe I like it 'cause of the visible pubes. Sure, they're trimmed but at least they're not shaved. That's right, THE BODY-HAIR NAZI IS BACK!!!11!!1!!!

And finally, to promote his run on Equus, we have Alfie Allen. Actually this isn't a bad pic of him, although someone forgot to send him the memo about how flipping off the camera is not big, not clever, he's not the first person to think of it and he won't be the last.

The interview is presumably meant to make him come across as less of a cock. It doesn't. Still, nice nipples. Chewy. (Oh just pretend it never happened whenever I say too much. That's what I do and it works for me, lalalala...) In response to whether he's worried about his upcoming nude scene, he says he's not, "I'm all pubes and a huge fat willy." You know what that means, don't you? Yes, if you're going to see the UK tour of Equus he's given you carte blanche to be as critical of his genitals as you like. Hurrah!
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