nick730 (nick730) wrote,

Monky business

This morning I dreamt that I was a novice monk at a Mediaeval monastery. I was one of two novices, and there were also two older monks supervising us. The more senior was called something like Brother Penitent, or Penitent something-or-other (I remembered his name exactly when I first woke up, but it was gone by the time I could have made a note of it) and he seemed to be a bit of a slave-driver to me and the other novice, making our lives a misery. We were outdoors in a courtyart, and were told some people were coming in and we had to take their confessions. There wasn't a booth of any kind, just two large stone slabs in the courtyard - the idea was that the confessor would sit on a slab and the person confessing would sit on the other side, with their backs to each other. I was worried because I didn't know what we were supposed to say, and we hadn't been taught that. But before the others arrived, we were given laminated cards with what we had to say depending on what sins got confessed.
Tags: dreams

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