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He can hear the bells

Oh good. After the gratuitous toplessness from a couple of weeks ago, John Paul continues to get stuff to do in Hollyoaks. This time Lovely Lovely James Sutton got the opportunity to be both lovely and lovely as he espied Robin, the new gay barman, from across a crowded room.

Since this is Hollyoaks and subtlety isn't really factored in, things went a bit slo-mo and cheesy music played as he gazed longingly upon Robin. Actually I really liked that, although that may be 'cause I chose to interpret it as a big "fuck you" to the McDeaners, fans who still think Craig (who was, lest we forget, horrible to him) should come back and whisk JP off into the sunset. "JP's moved on, fuckers, now it's your turn!"

Because I'm too lazy to look for the photo without the caption, here's a LOLyoaks Macro of the flirty twosome.

(For those who don't remember the reference: Whenever JP and Craig were in bed together, Hollyoaks had an unspoken but acknowledged rule that one or both had to keep his vest on. Proving his lovely loveliness, Mr Sutton was quite outspoken about disagreeing with the gay couple having rules that didn't apply to straight couples.)

While we're on the subject of Hollyoaks' sometimes subtle-as-a-ton-of-bricks approach to sexuality, occasional homophobe Justin got pwned when it turned out Robin was gay 'cause ZOMG! He's a manly man, he likes foam parties and plays rugby1 and yet he's... a gay! Have we forgotten that JP boxes? I mean, the writers have, that goes without saying.

There, that's reminded yer.

1Yeah, according to Hollyoaks rugby is straight. Heh.
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