nick730 (nick730) wrote,

Let there be light

Ooh! New crush time. Not one I can share on here though, it was one of those "real life" people who sometimes get in the way of me ogling famouses I'll never meet. Someone came round to the office today to check that all our lights were working, and fix any that weren't. I was on my lunch hour, and was resigning myself to the inevitability that I'd have to interrupt my break to show him around the building and let him into any locked rooms. Needless to say, once I saw him I didn't protest too much.

Let's see... skinnyish, not much taller than me, brown hair (could do with a haircut,) lovely blue eyes, slightly buck teeth (in a cute way.) I want to say Australian - well I couldn't spot any New Zealand in his accent but it wasn't that strong, like he's been here a long while (good - don't want him hurrying off) and it's been watered down. At a push it could even have been South African. He climbed a ladder to check some blown bulbs. I was tempted to take a photo - at least in the warehouse the hot air blower might be the one thing to drown out the incredibly loud shutterclick of my cameraphone. Unfortunately the fact that he was checking the lights meant they were switched off (electrocution would have been such a turnoff) so it was too dark for my phone. Darn!

Still, he'll be back - one of the huge warehouse lights has blown and he needs to come back with the exact right bulb. I'm sure I can make myself available to show him into some dark corners.
Tags: totty
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