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Theatre review: Tough Time, Nice Time

I don't know how to review this one - I'm not even sure if I liked it or not. The new play from writer/performers David Woods & Jon Haynes aka Ridiculusmus, Tough Time, Nice Time, sees the two sharing a bath in a Bangkok sauna as two German ex-pats, Martin and Stefan. Martin, in denial about his sexuality and convinced his life has some kind of importance, is trying to get Stefan, a ghost-writer, to listen to his life story in the hope that he'll turn it into a novel. His narrative is a confused fantasy about ladyboys and grisly deaths, but it seems the quieter Stefan, who takes schadenfreude to extremes, may be the more disturbing character.

The well-observed dialogue is the highlight, bouncing between pop culture and genocide and making a point about the callousness of society. The contents are never as shocking as the self-imposed 18-rating suggests but there's some very dark humour along the way.

Tough Time, Nice Time by David Woods & Jon Haynes is booking until the 15th of March at The Pit.
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