December 3rd, 2012


The Foregone Conclusion Factor

It’s the X Factor semi-final! As defined by some people who don’t know what “semi-final” means! It’s actually the show-before-the-last-one but whatever! And we’re also repeatedly told that the judges lose their power this week, and who goes is entirely down to the public vote! Like it has been almost every week this series but go with it, this is an exciting change and etc! So I’m guessing Maloney’s got no chance of being in the bottom two because they’re not leaving themselves any room to change the rules at the last minute like they did a couple of years ago. “I just hope the public make the right choice” says Gary, proving he still doesn’t know what this show is. “There’s just something in my DNA saying if I don’t make this, I’ve failed” says James, proving he doesn’t know what DNA is. What other exciting displays of ignorance await us? Perhaps a weekend’s worth of shows where people pretend they don’t know for sure that it’s Union J going home?

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