nick730 (nick730) wrote,

Voice Post: Live from a subterranean lavatory

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“Hello, I am in the loo at a Pret a Manger, and we've just seen go past - I'm here with Vanessa waiting to go to the theatre - we've just seen go past, Fantasy Husband. Mm, he went past the window so that's all very exciting. We were inside, he was outside, so you know, it's another one of those "this really isn't any good at all" but yes, there you go. I thought I'd update you 'cause it's hours before I can get back and actually type anything into the blog. So hope you're all OK, this is a bit weird 'cause this is the only quiet place anywere round here, it's a toilet. And it's like a submarine, it's a very bizarre... Oh, after Fantasy Husband, the guy who plays Trekkie in Avenue Q actually came into the Pret a Manger, but then he went out and didn't stay here to eat, he went somewhere else. OK, that'll do, 'bye.”

Transcribed by: nick730
Tags: daniel boys, mark goldthorp, voice post
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