nick730 (nick730) wrote,

Prank of wood

Rupert Penry-Jones is on the cover of the Radio Times this week (he's got a two-part miniseries on Wednesday and Friday.) I wonder if their sales spiked a bit?

The interview's a bit of a weird one, in that you really can't tell if he's an arsehole in real life or not. On the one hand he's obviously incredibly arrogant, on the other he takes the piss out of himself for it, and admits he has regular facials 'cause he knows he gets jobs because of his looks. But somehow, the bit of the interview that, er, stood out, was his talking about appearing in a play about ten years ago (and how gutted am I that I wasn't as regular a theatregoer then?) where he and the two women he was starring with kept playing practical jokes on each other to try and distract them on stage. RP-J had a nude scene *whimper* and his prank involved him walking onstage with a semi-erection.

If this is RP-J's idea of a practical joke, I would like it on the record that I very much enjoy being joked with, and am available to be pranked by him any time day or night.
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