nick730 (nick730) wrote,

Freakwatch: Week 3

I predicted last time that there wouldn't be much new for me to say about Boys Will Be Girls any more, but this programme's ability to piss me off seems to have no end.

The one thing that stood out in last night's episode was the desperation coming from the "mentors" now, largely at their own lack of organisation. Weeks after everyone else, they've finally spotted the tiny error they made in setting up the show - namely that there's absolutely no bleeding point to any of it. The boys get nothing out of it, and Nathan Moore can't exactly admit that the whole sorry affair is just a way to get his face on the telly again. So Colin Murray, WHOSE VOICEOVER GETS LOUDER AND SHOUTIER BY THE MINUTE, has to keep yelling about what an AUDACIOUS STUNT this is, in fact it's UNIQUE in the whole HISTORY OF MUSIC!!!1111!!1!ELEVEN! In other words "we're just doing it for the sake of it."

Which is fair enough except for the fact, like I mentioned last time, that this wasn't the pretext under which the people actually taking part in the stunt were recruited. They thought it would actually lead to something, and bless'em, a couple of them still do. The one from Fast Food Rockers seems to think this might stop him having to go back to bar work - I'm starting to worry that's only because no bar will want to hire him.

It's also obvious that the organisers haven't actually worked out a deadline. The boys keep getting told there's "not long," they have to perform in "a matter of weeks." Their grumpy choreographer actually started berating them with "you have to be ready in... er... only a few weeks' time," which was a bit of a giveaway that she didn't know when the whole damn ordeal was going to end either.

She's grumpy 'cause they're not taking the whole thing seriously (except for Martin Fast Food Rocker who seems to be getting into character a bit too much.) Again, is this a shocker coming from people who didn't volunteer for this, and had to be berated into signing on the dotted line? She took them out to lunch dressed like cheap hookers with what looked like dead animals as wigs, and then said it was their fault they weren't quite convincing.

And finally... The three boys recorded a song, trying to sing in the style of girls. While singing, they sounded nothing like girls. When listening to the final product, they sounded a lot like girls. Everyone pretended to be really impressed, but I was most impressed by the editor's attempts to cut their conversation around what was clearly every other sentence: "It's amazing what you can do with Autotune, innit?"

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