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Somewhat inevitably, on my first day on holiday I dreamed of being at work. Luckily it was a very short one. The warehouse at work has a back door that just leads into a narrow alleyway, with the wall of the trading estate before the train tracks. What with the warm weather, the night staff have been leaving that door open to get a breeze through, and sometimes they forget to close it when they leave so I have to do it. Which is where the dream started, so I went out into the alleyway to make sure there wasn't anyone still out there. Needless to say, when I turned around again the door was shut behind me and I heard the clicking sound as the bolt was drawn, locking me out. Luckily the "click" woke me up so I didn't have to bother dreaming about banging the door, or going all around the trading estate to get back in. It must have been pretty vivid though because when I woke up I was very relieved to find myself in bed rather than locked out of a building.
Tags: dreams
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