nick730 (nick730) wrote,

Sticky fingers

I dozed off this afternoon and had a particularly weird dream. I say particularly weird because it actually had a punchline.

I was in a kitchen, perhaps in a shared house as there were other people popping in and out, seemingly unconnected with whatever I was doing. I'd just finished either cooking or eating something, and had washed my hands. You know when you've washed your hands then find a tiny crumb of food that's dried on to your finger? Well that happened, so I scratched off the bit of dried sauce, then found a bit more, and more. The more I kept pulling off bits of sauce from my left hand, the more it increased. There were now little bits of meat in there as well - I was getting tissues and putting the muck in them to throw in the bin. Then I looked at my right hand which now also had food on it, including a tiny, entire dead pig, which also went into a tissue and into the bin.

Unsurprisingly getting paranoid about the food getting all over me, when someone came into the kitchen I asked him to check if I had anything on the back of my neck. He looked, and instead of rubbing it off he got out a cigarette lighter to try and burn whatever it was off my neck. Then his hand went down and he deliberately burnt the back of my shirt, which quickly caught fire and he pulled it off me, calling a load of other blokes to come and help him get rid of it. They rushed off somewhere with it, and when the crowd of people came apart the dream was now a little line-drawing cartoon. The shirt and whatever was on it had been put in a pram. The woman pushing it was white lines drawn on a black background, and her eyes glowed red as music a bit like The Omen played.

It's unusual enough that the dream had a definite ending rather than me just waking up halfway through, but an actual gag at the end? Weird.
Tags: dreams

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