nick730 (nick730) wrote,

I can see I'm a little unstable

Since I'm in a bit of a YouTube place at the moment, let's have this: The video for Will Young's new single, "Changes."

Crib sheet for Americans and other aliens! Will Young was the winner of the first series of UK Pop Idol, which makes him the first-ever Idol winner. He came out as gay a couple of weeks after winning the show, and this didn't stop him becoming one of the biggest recording artists in the UK, still successful today with his fourth album out soon. We're not supposed to mention the hair plugs, but frankly they're a lot better than Prince William's.

Actually I'm not loving the new song - it's OK but the chorus is a bit weak. And, aside from getting hit by lightning, the video's not as clever as usual. We'd better have "Switch It On," hadn't we? After yesterday's post about someone who's not only straight but also American, triomakesmehot's probably feeling a bit disoriented, but surely this ticks all the boxes for her?
British - check
Gay - check
Fit - check
Lyrics that make it clear he's singing about another man (Mr Fabulous don't impress me) - check
Top Gun spoof video that somehow manages to be even gayer than the original film - check
Tags: gay, music, will young, youtube
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