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Doctor Tovey, I presume

Also, Russell Tovey as Midshipman Frame, which is my favourite casting of the lot, because he's going to be huge, that man. He's amazing. I think I'd make him the Eleventh Doctor.

Oh what a can of worms that's opened! This morning The Times published a preview of a new book of emails between Russell T Davies and a Doctor Who Magazine journalist, giving an inside view of the production process. But this is the one quote anyone cared about. Predictably, the papers and the internet exploded. Oh how exciting, a possible teaser as to who will replace David Tennant as the Doctor, and it's not exactly a stranger to this blog (or, in fact, a stranger to me suggesting he should play the Doctor.) Sadly, because I'd love it to be true, this is one of those cases of something being made out of nothing. David Tennant's not going anywhere any time soon (as I've said before, I suspect he'd like to equal Tom Baker's 7 years in the role,) RTD has publicly mused about possible replacements before (Harry Lloyd, anyone?) and most importantly, when Tennant does leave, the choice of 11th Doctor won't be in RTD's hands. Most likely it'll be Steven Moffatt running the show for the next regeneration. If anything, this has probably harmed Tovey's chances of getting the job - I can't imagine Moffatt would want it to look like his predecessor was still calling the shots.

Anyway, has anyone actually read the rest of the article? The man's deranged. Dennis Hopper was originally due to play Mr Copper in "Voyage of the Damned," and only didn't 'cause his schedule didn't allow it. Instead, as we now know, the role went to Clive Swift. (I love that - imagine the conversation: "Damn! Dennis Hopper can't do it! Who's a bit like Dennis Hopper?" "How about Mr Bucket from Keeping Up Appearances?" "Perfect! They could be twins!") And then, of course, there's the plan to have JK Rowling as this year's Christmas Special guest, with an alien turning her witches and wizards real. Only stopped, by the sound of it, when David Tennant started crying and whimpering. In no way connected to the above, I'm sure, is the news that RTD used to have a drink and drugs problem (no shit Sherlock - we've seen "Last of the Time Lords.")

Still, that's a huge compliment he's paid the Tovey there, even if he's not actually in a position to fulfil the promise. And if it ups Tovey's profile that's great - there's been zero news about Being Human since it was announced it had been commissioned, but when it finally turns up it'll be cool if it's a hit thanks to people tuning in to see the "next Doctor." Hmm, that's making me want to watch the Being Human pilot again.

Still, pessimism aside it'd be cool if Russell Tovey was the next Doctor, wouldn't it? I imagine he'd be a less in-control Doctor, more in the Peter Davison mould, which'd be refreshing after the somewhat god-like Ten. Eccleston had the leather jacket, Tennant the suit, what could Tovey wear? I vote for "not much."
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