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What the Dickens

I've already posted this over in toveylove but for anyone who's a less dedicated fan (shame on you!) Russell Tovey is playing John Chivery in the BBC's upcoming adaptation of Little Dorrit. No, it's fair to say I'm not a Dickens fan, but somehow I think I'll manage this. Anyway, the BBC's doing some of its more "inventive" scheduling with this adaptation so I posted the following:
Further to Russell Tovey being in Little Dorrit on BBC1, it may be worth noting the slightly eccentric scheduling if people plan on watching the series. It starts with a one-hour episode on Sunday the 26th of October, at 8pm. The rest of the episodes are half-hour long, with episode two on Thursday the 30th at 8:30. After that it's expected to go twice-weekly, with half-hour episodes on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8:30pm. Wouldn't want people to miss it what with the scheduling being rather erratic.

Also, this week's Radio Times has an interview with Andrew Davies, who wrote the Little Dorrit screenplay, and they ask him what his favourite performance in the series is. No prizes for guessing who he says "stands out."
Should the Tovey not be enough of a draw (double shame on you!) it also stars Matthew MacFadyen from off of Spooks and the Keira Shiteley Pride and Prejudice, Freema Agyeman from off of Doctor Who, Ruth Jones from off of Gavin & Stacey and Eve Myles from off of Everything The BBC Has Ever Made, Ever.
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