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Girlfriend in a coma I know, I know

Nearly halfway through the series of Merlin now. I liked this one better than last week's; the special effects were a bit shonky at times but the story wasn't all about them and went back to having a human villain in Julian Rhind-Tutt's horribly scarred Edwin, out for revenge for his parents' execution for witchcraft 20-odd years ago. Yes, Uther remains unable to spot that the whole sorcerer genocide thing might have been a bit of a bad idea. He, and the rest of the royal court, are also required to be thick as pigshit and not think it's suspicious that Morgana contracts a mystery illness at precisely the same time that a mysterious stranger arrives in Camelot with the ability to instantly cure it.

Still, this episode was more of a showcase for Richard Wilson, with his wonky face and extraordinary way of saying "sorcerers!" Rather wise, since the main threat was to Uther, who's been so clearly made the baddie that it's hard to worry too much when he's put at risk (especially since the Dragon made it explicit this week that things will be a lot better once Uther's dead.) So putting Gaius under threat as well helped put some pathos into the story. Plus, I loved how Gaius went down into a mysterious cave to see a magic dragon and called out "hello!" in the style of someone knocking on a front door, possibly to sell double glazing. Richard Wilson is a genius, albeit accidentally. I also liked that they never made it explicit that Edwin's "remedy to cure all ills" was, in fact, death. Although, where the modern language doesn't usually bother me, that fact that they discussed Morgana possibly going into a coma then dying annoyed me a bit - as if they'd have known what a coma is.

Gaywatch! Not much this week, apart from Merlin's rather flustered comments about love not being explicable by science, and not wanting it to be known who he's got the hots for. If they later try and make out that he is into Gwen after all, it'll be remarkably cack-handed. Plus his remark that Gaius has been "more than a father" to him, in the light of episode one's "sit up, take your shirt off" is a bit "o hai, grooming much?"

Next week Arthur gets all wet or something.
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