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Family fortunes

So just a few words on not-quite-the-wedding-of-the-century yesterday. I was a bit annoyed when I got to Mum's place and found Barry there - I know it's low-key and everything but they could have at least pretended to do it properly and not see each other before the wedding. At least I got a compromise in them not having any photos taken together until afterwards. Speaking of photos, my sister took loads of them, mainly by accident - she had an old disposable camera with 5 photos left on it, which she wanted to use up. So she kept taking pictures, and kept taking them, and the film just kept going... Until she finally checked again and the number had gone up - the counter was telling her she'd only taken five pics, not that she had that many left. Still, it'll give Mum and Barry something resembling a wedding album.

They actually both were a bit nervous by the time we got to the register office, although mainly because Barry kept remembering the wedding of a friend who'd forgetten the vows and was worried he'd do the same, but in the end they both managed to get through it without crying. Or laughing, which actually seemed to be the bigger danger. There was music playing at the start and finish - apparently when they first walked in, someone quickly changed the CD, which Mum assumed was on the basis of "shit, they're old - quick, put the Sinatra on." I don't know what they would normally play, but I'm assuming Cradle of Filth. Afterwards we went to a pub before I had to leave 'cause I already had a theatre trip booked when I was told about them getting married. In the cab the radio coincidentally played Billy Idol's "White Wedding." Although Mum was actually wearing black. I don't think this was a deliberate attempt at irony, but with my mum you never know.
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