nick730 (nick730) wrote,

Book review: A Stir of Echoes

Continuing reading the cheap copies I got a few months ago of books by classic US horror writer Richard Matheson, his short 1958 novel A Stir of Echoes is a fairly low-key ghost story in which the narrator, Tom Wallace, acquires psychic abilities after being hypnotised. Matheson concentrates on the human element of the story, making his characters sympathetic while slowly building up a mystery around how Tom's psychic visions are connected to his home's previous occupant. As with his best-known novels, I Am Legend and The Shrinking Man, Matheson's secret here is to go for a very personal approach, seeing the psychological effects on a single man of the paranormal becoming reality, and it's really effective - I really enjoyed this one and its less-is-more approach.
Tags: books, richard matheson
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