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I doubt I'll be quite back to normal for tomorrow but hopefully the worst of this cold should be over. Today I've been doing what I should have been doing for the last two days, when I had to go into work instead: Mainly staying in bed, eating comfort food, napping and watching TV. I just about got through Pirates of the Caribbean 3 on DVD - honestly, nigh on 3 hours is way too long for a family adventure film, is it any wonder I can hardly be bothered with the cinema any more when quantity over quality is the watchword?

For a smallish house, my mum's place is going to be quite packed tomorrow, what with me and Penny, Mum, stepdad and stepbrother, but in one of my naps this afternoon I populated it even more. My stepbrother Brian is an only child, but when I dreamed I'd gone over tomorrow, a younger version of him was already in the living room, while Barry said Brian himself was just getting out of bed and would be down in a minute. Apparently he had two brothers, and as I waited, two more versions came down the stairs. They were all Brian, all dressed identically, but at different ages - roughly 15, 12 and 8. Apart from not knowing what the other two's names were, I was confused because the real Brian is 18 now, so I didn't know which of the three boys was him. There was some mention that as well as these brothers he also had two sisters, but they didn't appear.
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