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Turn it up to Eleven

Right, I'm posting this before I've seen any of the reaction on "The Internet," so these are just my initial thoughts. Today the BBC announced the actor who would be replacing David Tennant in Doctor Who next year - they built an entire half-hour prime time show around the announcement, which had nothing to do with distracting attention from ITV showing the FA Cup at the same time, or launching Demons later tonight and aiming it at Who's demographic. The first time I heard his name come up in speculation was earlier today, which made me think it might be true. The papers will probably call him a total unknown but he's reasonably familiar Round These Parts: The 11th Doctor is Matt Smith.

Which, if you're a regular round here, will mean he finally gets to be known as something other than Astonishing Coup de Theatre Man. (In the unlikely event that you don't memorise every word I type on this blog, that's a reference to this newspaper review of That Face.

The coup in question being that he pissed himself on stage.) So yeah, it's probably for the best that he'll now be known for something else.

The programme cruelly teased with clues as to his identity, but they all pointed to Smith (youngest ever Doctor; 26; young but with an old soul, yep it adds up.) Well, I won't make any early judgements but having seen him on stage twice and on TV a few times he's a good actor, and he's definitely got quirky looks that suit the part. Having seen the BBC interview with him the thing I was most struck by was how he nervously twitched his long fingers all the time - that felt very Doctorish. So Steven Moffat's behind the camera and Matt Smith's in front of it; oh, it's a bit weird looking forward to 2010 when 2009's barely started.
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