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Being scheduled

Here we go then, the transmission times for the first episode of Being Human. As it's on BBC3, there are several repeats throughout the week, but the first showing will be Sundays at 9pm. Annoyingly, this clashes with the new season of Supernatural, meaning I have to make some decisions about what to watch and when (Supernatural doesn't seem to have a repeat scheduled, but there's always ITV2+1...)

Anyway, Being Human episode one will be transmitted as follows:
Sunday 25 January 9:00pm BBC3
Monday 26 January 12:15am BBC3
Monday 26 January 10:30pm BBC3
Tuesday 27 January 1:15am BBC3
Wednesday 28 January 3:45am BBC3

(It's OK, I won't rub it in that I'll be seeing the episode a bit earlier than that; I'll wait till tomorrow before going all smug.)
Tags: being human, russell tovey, tv

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