nick730 (nick730) wrote,

Disaster strikes! (Assuming I'm a crazy person)

I'm not a superstitious person, at least not in traditional ways. I don't have a problem with the number 13, will happily quote from Macbeth and open an umbrella indoors (how else is it going to dry?) I don't kill spiders but that's 'cause I quite like them, and I won't walk under ladders 'cause I don't want anything to fall on my head. I do have a tendency to make up my own superstitions though, like never finishing a book without immediately starting the next one, and never wearing matching socks. And then there's the thing where I just get... ideas into my head.

Like Fantasy Husband, and the fact that I'd twice seen him "in the wild" as opposed to his onstage habitat. After which, the idea entered my head that third time's the charm, and if he didn't instantly fall in love with me the third time then it Wasn't Meant To BeTM. Despite appearances, I do have some vague vestige of sanity left, which makes me aware it's not gonna happen anyway, and as a result I've been actively avoiding places he might be, just to keep the pleasant fantasy alive a little longer. On the way back from Enjoy tonight though, I figured it was safe to take a short-cut past the stage door of the Noël Coward, since it was 10:15 and Avenue Q should only just have been finishing. Mais non! Quelle catastrophy and that! As I walked past thinking I was safe, just at the last moment I caught a glimpse of the side of Daniel Boys' face, as he chatted to somebody. They must have ended very promptly! Needless to say a magical union did not then take place, or this post might have had a different title. I did note that his brown Caterpillar boots suited him and imagined taking them off.

In fairness, he didn't actually see me, which you'd think might need to be taken into consideration. In fact I don't think he'd have seen me on any of the occasions I saw him. So does it count? That's the trouble with superstitions my brain makes up for me, I'm not sure what the rules are. My brain told me to be pissed off about it so it's probably a bad thing, right? Of course catnip25 and triomakesmehot, who are highly skilled in these matters, will now find a way in which this is actually a good sign. But if anything it's probably a sign connected to triomakesmehot herself, since (if I've got my dates right today's her day to see Avenue Q herself, albeit the Broadway production) and I was on my way back from the Gielgud Theatre, which she has a bit of a history with.

It's definitely a sign of some kind. Reading this back, I suspect it's a sign I'm not getting enough sleep.
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