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"I actually let out a little bit of wee there"

Oh that's OK Toby Whithouse, don't give us a massive bloody cliffhanger into the last episode or anything.

- "Who wants some of my chair?" That clip was shown in the sneak preview at the screening, and got the biggest audience response. I think we've now seen all the bits that were previewed.
- I've probably said it before but Toby Whithouse's episodes have an epic feel that the other writers can't quite manage; it's like it can't possibly all fit into one hour. Whithouse was back on writing duties and the epic sweep was back with a vengeance.
- There wasn't really a "guest star of the week" kickstarting the plot this episode, which is good because it would have felt like it was slipping into formula if it happened again. Josie kind of fulfilled that role, but not quite. And she was awesome by the way, when she had her little talk with Mitchell and refused to be turned.
- Again something Whithouse does better than the other writers is mix the comedy and drama. The last two episodes have had a lighter first half and a darker second, this one was pretty much dark all the way through but the funny lines kept coming even in the middle of the peril.
- Owen's utter lack of reaction to Annie haunting him was unexpected, but it makes for another layer we're uncovering about him: He's not just a bad guy, he's actually psychotic.
- The men with sticks and ropes didn't actually get mentioned as such but anyone who saw the pilot couldn't have missed them all over this episode: From Mitchell's reference to "the things he'll have seen in between" to Annie's whisper to Owen.
- So Herrick's big vampire plan: Yeah, it is the same one as in Ultraviolet, but then again what else would it have been?
- I thought the three of them saying they were going off to hide then just going home was a plot hole but of course, vampires can't enter uninvited. But it seems they can put their hands through the doorway and stake someone, just not step over the threshold.
- So much death! Seth! Lauren! Maybe Mitchell? I did like the vampire death effect we saw on Lauren - understated and cool, turning to dust that flew up into the air.
- "What would Patrick Swayze do?"
- "Sapphire and Steel."
- "So far I have a whisk and my mobile phone recharger."
- "Can you move things about and walk from one room to another?" "I'm pretty sure everyone can do that."
- "We were like the world's gayest ninjas." Followed by Russell's little flouncy movement.
- So it's the first of a two-parter; and one hell of a cliffhanger. What with everyone in the cast and crew making vague references to a second series, and me hoping for it to happen, could it be a bluff? Maybe Whithouse always intended for this to only last six episodes, and we could lose Mitchell and Annie in the finale?

So what did you think...?

The best yet - so good I can't think of a witty way of phrasing this poll
It was as good as usual, I should have been able to think of something
Oh this really wasn't quite as good as I was hoping
Too bad to deserve a witty poll theme
Is the answer "Red Rum?"
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