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Go, Fighter Pilot Bravo #5, Go!

So a little addendum to last night's theatre trip: Just as I was approaching the theatre, who should I see but Jan and Ian, out and about. They, too, were going to see Plague Over England, and as we had some time before having to go in we stood outside chatting for a while. Regular readers may be familiar with the phrase "Nicholas de Jongh is a cunt," and funnily enough, as we were about to see his play, I felt the words coming on, but unusually for me I had to pause. The reason being that coming along the road behind Jan and Ian, looking like a walking cadaver with a cat's bum for a mouth, was Nicholas de Jongh. Funnily enough this shut me up until he'd gone past - an occurence so rare that the others commented on it. See, some things are capable of making me stop talking. Temporarily.

In a more high-end celeb spot, earlier I'd only seen the Evil Emperor of the Whole Bloody Galaxy (for the second time.) Ian McDiarmid, in Neal Street (he's appearing at the Donmar at the mo.) Given that Celia Imrie WHO WAS IN BLOODY STAR WARS, HONEST was on stage at the Duchess, I was tempted¹ to go to the Stage Door and tell her Senator Palpatine was behind it all and I knew where she could find him and zap him. Go, Fighter Pilot Bravo #5, Go!

Also, I could have sworn I saw Timothy Dalton during the interval. But I might be wrong.

¹not really, I'm not a mental
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