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Nothing in her life became her like the leaving it

So Jade Goody has died of ovarian cancer aged 27; I'm not going to say a lot about it, but since I made a few posts about the notorious Celebrity Big Brother 5 a couple of years ago, it seems like this is the unexpected ending to that story.

Jade's death has been a particularly nasty media circus. I don't blame her for this; as a lot of people have said, she sold her story to make sure her kids are provided for. More than that, I think by this stage she'd spent so much of her life in front of the cameras, it wouldn't have occured to her that her death could be anything different. The last couple of weeks it sounds as if she was practically comatose, so she would have had even less control over the press' actions than usual - such as them papping her crying kids (aged 5 and 4) coming out of the house. Or the appalling OK! magazine, which published a black-bordered obituary issue while she was still alive. (Richard Desmond's publishing empire must be well proud of themselves the last few weeks, what with this and the "teenager who was horrifically traumatised as a child now swears sometimes, the bastard" story in the Sunday Express.)

Jade is such a strange case. She wasn't Hitler or Thatcher, her death isn't cause for celebration. But the press are sweeping under the carpet the "Shilpagate" story from two years ago, when they painted her as Public Enemy #1. (I still maintain that whole sorry mess was more about bullying than racism; they'd have disliked Shilpa whatever her colour, it just happened that because she was Asian they couched their attacks in racist terms.) Still, it's a bit much the "she was our Racist of Hearts" thing the press are pulling at the moment.

Ultimately, the unprecedented access she gave the press to her death will probably have a happy ending, in that more women will get tested for ovarian cancer younger, and avoid a similar fate. Like I say, her motivation for doing that probably had more to do with money for her kids / being so used to the limelight she didn't realise there was an alternative, rather than how it might help people. But in the end, as ever, it's the media who knew exactly what they were doing, and have turned death into a reality-TV spinoff. And they definitely don't care if the story helps other people.
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