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Buffy 8.12 - "Safe"

Once again iTunes random play throws up an appropriate song, as Giles' song from "Once More With Feeling" comes on just as I start writing about issue 24 of Season 8, which follows the recent pairing of Giles and Faith. I normally love Jo Chen's covers for Buffy but what on earth's happened to Faith's boobs here?

As with issue 23, the story here isn't anything to write home about, as the duo meet with a new Slayer who tells them a rumour about a town where Slayers who "opt out" can go to stay away from the ongoing battle. Investigating, they find that the town's run by Duncan, the only other surviving member of the original Watchers' Council. Jim Krueger's story is well-told enough though, even if a scene where Faith confronts her past feels like it's been done to death (also, letting a vampire get away early on in her Slaying career? Is this really the biggest skeleton in Faith's closet?) I think my biggest problem with this sequence of 5 standalone issues is that, having matter-of-factly introduced a massive change to the Buffyverse in "Harmonic Divergence," having it stay in the background while we visit old friends feels as if we're treading water. It worked OK with the last similar change in the TV show, the Dawn retcon at the start of Season 5, because the mystery and the reveal were only a handful of episodes apart. Even though there's been even less "episodes" this time since the arc started, issues coming out a month apart means it's been months since we found out that vampires are now common knowledge, and we still don't know either why it happened or where it's going.

Also, guest artist Cliff Richards: Nice work, but for the last time, British people do not leave the teabag in a cup of milky tea. FFS.
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