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Kicking at milk bottles

Today's the two-year anniversary of my dad's death; right on cue, I had a dream about him this morning. It was vivid enough that it took me a couple of minutes after I woke up to remember he's actually dead.

I dreamed that I was in a new fringe theatre that had recently been converted in a wing of a large old building. As far as I can remember the performance was good, but all the ushers were really rude and the whole place was badly disorganised. The toilets were a long distance away up and down several staircases into the heart of the disused building. At the end of the performance they pulled a curtain, but instead of it being located by the stage it was right in front of the audience - I was in the front row and the curtain was pulled right over me. Also, the users pulled the curtain as soon as the cast took their bows and the audience was still applauding, so it was very much an "it's over, now piss off." Especially weird since the exit was via the stage anyway.

On the way out, and at the exit it suddenly seemed as if the place was also a BBC venue; on the lawn outside the building having a filming break were Jeremy Clarkson, Terry Christian and a bunch of teenagers. I overheard a group of three girls walking away discussing what show that could possibly be, and I immediately knew the girls were posters on the lowculture forums (not real ones though; they were three imaginary women my brain had made up.) I introduced myself to them and mentioned that I'd just started following one of them on Twitter the day before. I said I couldn't believe they didn't know what the show was because there'd been a lot of horrified discussion of it on the messageboards lately, a rumour that Clarkson and Christian would be involved in a new show pitched as a cross between University Challenge and Big Brother¹.

We went to wait for a bus, and then my dad started coming down the street towards us. I started talking to him, and mentioned he was looking thin. He then rather out-of-character tried to show how fit he was, but jumping in the air and trying to karate-kick a couple of giant plastic milkbottles that had appeared at the side of the road for some reason. As he would have been in his 70s if he was still alive this went predictably badly, and he ended up falling down and getting stuck. I had to help him get up again, while telling him off for trying to show off.

¹TV commissioning editors! Feel free to use this idea. But without Clarkson, obviously.
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