nick730 (nick730) wrote,

Some things we couldn't care less about

aka_kelly and I are agreed: The fact that Lovely Lovely James Sutton has joined the cast of Emmerdale is, frankly, not enough to get us watching that particular soap opera (I mean, it's on ITV1 for goodness' sakes.)

Therefore, neither aka_kelly nor I care one way or the other about the fact that his first episode on the show is due on Monday the 15th of June.

And I'm sure aka_kelly has stopped reading by now, because she will have no interest whatsoever in the rumour that Lovely Lovely James Sutton may be doing his first scene clad in nought¹ but a towel, much as I don't care either.

This has been a public service announcement that I'm sure nobody whatsoever will have any interest in, and which will under no circumstances send anyone rushing frantically to set the video.

¹or nowt, since it's Emmerdale
Tags: emmerdale, james sutton

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