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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
Twitter ye not 15: Upstaging Mother Theresa 
1st-Jul-2009 02:03 pm
Here's what I've been up to on Twitter this week:

900th tweet! Only 100 away from "oh god I really spend too long on the internet."
7:47 PM Jun 24th from web

Only 6 shopping months left until Christmas! Hurry, hurry!
10:13 AM Jun 25th from web

O hai, builder wearing shorts. What is it with me and rough trade lately?
12:40 PM Jun 25th from web

Miserable playwright spot: Nicholas de Jongh, Long Acre. I didn't call him a cunt this time.
6:55 PM Jun 25th from txt

First I heard about MJ on way home - overheard phone convo: "Wot? So first he turns white and now he's dead?"
11:23 PM Jun 25th from web

MJ death stealing Farah Fawcett's headlines :( It's Princess Di upstaging Mother Theresa all over again.
1:17 AM Jun 26th from web

Today it's the kickboxer's turn to wear shorts. Simple pleasures get me through the day.
3:15 PM Jun 26th from web

@merseytart Past experiments of trying to get photos in the warehouse have not ended well. Subtlety not really possible.
3:34 PM Jun 26th from web in reply to merseytart

Heh, Inbetweeners reference in "real life:" Someone leaning out of car yelling "bus stop wankers!"
8:45 PM Jun 27th from txt

I particularly liked that everyone at the bus stop got the joke.
8:47 PM Jun 27th from txt

@nick00031 I guess they'd seen the show so they knew only to do it when their escape route was clear.
9:04 PM Jun 27th from web in reply to nick00031

Totty Sunday's gone a bit geek-chic today. Nothing wrong with a change! O hai, Sylar lookalike!
1:02 PM Jun 28th from txt

@stevenperkins My superpower is knowing if a fax is for me just from the sound of the fax machine. Similarly lame/useful.
12:10 PM Jun 29th from web in reply to stevenperkins

Apparently I just met a member of Doctor & the Medics. I is well showbiz innit.
5:21 PM Jun 29th from txt

Funny how Naked Boys Singing is my most popular blog entry in ages.
8:47 PM Jun 29th from web

No Supersizers tonight? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!
9:02 PM Jun 29th from web

Today was meant to be my last day at work... instead I've got another month left :(
9:09 AM Jun 30th from web

Oh gawd, co-worker's conspiracy theories are in full flow today.
12:30 PM Jun 30th from web

"The Masons are behind it all!"
12:34 PM Jun 30th from web

"...her other husband killed two priests at Dockhead." I always walk in on the most interesting conversations.
1:21 PM Jun 30th from web
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