nick730 (nick730) wrote,

It's the time of the season

When we lived in Greece, my Mum would always complain that what she missed the most was the seasons - Spring and Autumn didn't seem to exist, with Winter and Summer simply jolting into each other over the course of a week or two. Over here the traditional four seasons were still in place, but I guess Global Warming is real and is fucking with us 'cause while Autumn hasn't gone anywhere, Spring definitely seems to have gone the way of the Dodo.

A couple of weeks ago, the calendar may have said May but let me tell you, it was winter. It rained nearly non-stop for a fortnight, and while there were warmer days there were definitely colder ones as well. Today? I popped across to the supermarket under the false impression that "quite light" clothing would be OK. Oh no. Big mistake. It was definitely 3/4 length trousers and sandals weather, and my trousers had a full complement of 4 quarters, and trainers at the end of them. I hadn't planned on any long walks today but I thought I might just take the long way to the supermarket. That idea had to go down the pan - not because I'm unfit, but because I just had to get indoors to the air-conditioning.

On top of being annoyed I was overdressed, I also have this slight sneaky suspicion that after failing to wear my full-on summer clothes today, I may have missed my chance this year - after all, the seasons may be fucked, but this is still England, so there's every chance that autumn will be along next week.

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