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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
Twitter ye not 17: 1000 
15th-Jul-2009 07:54 pm
Oh dear... This week I reached 1000 tweets, just in case I didn't already know I spend too long on the internet.

Ooh, custard creams! The Nanna of biscuits.
2:43 PM Jul 8th from web

Argh can't wait for tomorrow for the next episode
#torchwood9:59 PM Jul 8th from web

This whole week is dragging so...... slowly..........
1:43 PM Jul 9th from web

@helencairns Not even close :( Still have 3 more weeks after this one, I finish on
the 31st.
1:46 PM Jul 9th from web in reply to helencairns

@helencairns I keep gazing longingly at the calendar on my phone, looking at my
finish day. It's practically become a nervous twitch.
2:07 PM Jul 9th from web in reply to helencairns

I hate when I recognise someone but don't know where from. I just know I Would.
7:05 PM Jul 9th from txt

9:16 AM Jul 10th from web

Is trying not to tweet about Torchwood so as not to spoiler people (but everyone
probably knows already.)
12:24 PM Jul 10th from web

I know that money makes the world go around, iTunes, but I was actually trying to
download Maybe This Time.
8:03 PM Jul 10th from web

Blimey! But is PC Andy OK? That's the main thing, obviously #torchwood
10:07 PM Jul 10th from web

@sutty76 I was a bit worried for Rhys but I think he's been so "obviously destined
to die" since the start, he probably never will.
10:54 PM Jul 10th from web in reply to sutty76

Today is going far too quickly, after a week that went far too slowly.
5:08 PM Jul 11th from web

Apparently today's Totty Sunday theme is DILF
12:54 PM Jul 12th from txt

Strawberry milk om nom nom.
2:34 PM Jul 12th from web

1000 tweets! Telegram from the Queen, please.
2:34 PM Jul 12th from web

Sleb Spot: Jude Law + kids, Waterloo Bridge.
5:49 PM Jul 13th from txt

I'd forgotten about One & Other! Here just in time 4 changeover. I think this
bloke's got a barbecue.
7:02 PM Jul 13th from txt

He says he's cooking sausages. Based on smell, I'd say what he's doing is burning
7:07 PM Jul 13th from txt

Play's finished, someone dressed as a gorilla on the plinth now. Whatevs!
9:00 PM Jul 13th from txt

@helencairns LOL I was near the girls who the man shouted "sausages!" to. I'll be
nearby on Thursday too so will make sure I look again
10:28 PM Jul 13th from web in reply to helencairns

Yay, my first lowculture front page article.
10:07 AM Jul 14th from web
(Deleted comment)
15th-Jul-2009 07:56 pm (UTC)
He could have fed everyone there watching him.
15th-Jul-2009 08:47 pm (UTC)
On Twitter do people comment on tweets like on Facebook status updates?
15th-Jul-2009 09:17 pm (UTC)
Yeah - on your Twitter home page all the tweets from people you follow show up, and you can click to reply to any of them, that's what the ones that start "@someone's name" are. I like it 'cause if you follow the same people as someone else it ends up resembling a very slow chatroom.
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