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Twitter ye not 22: Punky (not Brewster)

Back to my usual Wednesday update of my tweets:

The more weight I put on, the more Alex seems to lose. I'm sure she only does it to spite me.
6:03 PM Aug 12th from web

Reception is pretty flaky here so I won't be internetting much until I get back home.
10:37 PM Aug 12th from web

Picking raspberries - I iz well rural.
3:04 PM Aug 13th from txt

It's OK, I'm home now, you may resume your lives.
4:07 PM Aug 14th from web

Sleb Spot: Alan Rickman outside National Theatre. Also Anna "Duckface" Chancellor.
5:26 PM Aug 15th from txt

Did texted tweets go down again? *tsk* and me getting all heart-warmed by the amount of gays holding hands in public today in That London.
11:30 PM Aug 15th from web

Totty Sunday has quite a punky (not Brewster) theme today.
12:41 PM Aug 16th from txt

Ooh, the chutney from the farm shop is lovely.
9:15 PM Aug 16th from web

The book I wanted wasn't in the 3-for-2 at Waterstone's. So did I come back with no books? Or did I come back with 6? Hmmm...
4:07 PM Aug 17th from web

Found the Arcola - the theatre that comes with a free sense of achievement just for finding it.
7:31 PM Aug 17th from txt

Sleb Spot: Ryan Sampson, he'll qualify as one of my stalkers if he's not careful.
7:37 PM Aug 17th from txt - Being Human Series 2 promo pic:
1:15 PM Aug 18th from TwitPic

@sutty76 @merseytart We need to slowly rebuild our resistances for when he gets his arse out again in January.
1:23 PM Aug 18th from web in reply to sutty76

RT @merseytart it's like Russell Tovey Tamiflu. It's Toveyflu.
1:41 PM Aug 18th from web

Two hours of tidying up, and only I could possibly tell the difference.
3:22 PM Aug 18th from web
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