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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
Twitter ye not 23: More totty, fewer shirts 
26th-Aug-2009 04:46 pm
A bit of a busier week on Twitter this week - I guess there was a lot of stuff I wanted to make a note of while I was out and about 'cause a lot of them were via text.

A bit sleepy now - think it's the sunny weather. I've had a coffee to try and wake me up.
3:36 PM Aug 19th from web

I'd forgotten what a trek it is to the Cock Theatre. It'd better live up to its name to make up for it.
7:22 PM Aug 19th from txt

I hope the weather picks up before The Globe tonight.
12:07 PM Aug 20th from web

Oopsie, playwright I slagged off on my blog last night has commented.
12:09 PM Aug 20th from web

@JamieSport It's never the ones I'm nice about! (Or who could help with my own writing.)
12:27 PM Aug 20th from web in reply to JamieSport

@D_Hollingsworth @JamieSport He's commented again! I've *really* pissed him off LOL.
12:38 PM Aug 20th from web in reply to D_Hollingsworth

Route to Tate Modern takes me past my first-ever job. Looks like there's a new company in there now.
3:37 PM Aug 20th from txt

My review of Helen at the Globe: http://nick730.livejournal.... I liked it so Euripides needn't return from the dead to flame me
11:28 PM Aug 20th from web

Aw, got a nice thank-you card from Evie through the post.
12:00 PM Aug 21st from web

Looks like I opened a right can of worms with that blog post on Tuesday.
10:47 AM Aug 22nd from web

Was just watching the Peter Kay X-Factor spoof; switched it off to see the real R Wayne on ITV1 #xfactor
7:43 PM Aug 22nd from web

"Not all teenagerz is knife crime innit. PS I gonna stab u Simon." #xfactor
8:08 PM Aug 22nd from web

Decided to go to Greenwich for Totty Sunday. More totty, fewer shirts. Marvellous.
3:00 PM Aug 23rd from txt

Jackpot: Little blonde muscly barman from the Cutty Sark, shirt optional.
3:07 PM Aug 23rd from txt

@helencairns I can only spend so long in the park without needing smelling salts.
4:18 PM Aug 23rd from web in reply to helencairns

It was Lesbian Monday in Sainsbury's today, and I got this stuck in my Internal Jukebox: http://tinyurl.com/7mlcq8
2:09 PM Aug 24th from web

Double Teachers Sleb Spot: Shaun Evans w/ bleached hair on Shaftesbury Ave...
5:53 PM Aug 24th from txt

...& Nina Sosanaya, M&S Covent Garden.
5:54 PM Aug 24th from txt

I'm starting to be able to tell the days are getting shorter. It feels much later now than it actually is :(
6:50 PM Aug 24th from txt

Ooft - 1 of the hottie soldiers from All's Well walked past me & into a side door. Let me into your secret entrance etc etc.
7:00 PM Aug 24th from txt

There he is again! That guy's so his boyfriend. Ditch him! I may be fat but I'm interesting! Sort of!
7:03 PM Aug 24th from txt

No, really, stop stalking me, Ryan Sampson.
7:26 PM Aug 24th from txt

Not the best start to the day - I get up early to book tickets at the National and the site's crashed, made a coffee & the milk's off :(
9:13 AM Aug 25th from web

Got tickets, got coffee, post arrived. The day is now permitted to start.
11:28 AM Aug 25th from web

Plinthwatch: Man dressed as Nelson. I fear he's been, literally, overshadowed.
6:55 PM Aug 25th from txt

Maybe he's advertising insurance. Cherry-picker time: Woman with flipchart. No thanks.
6:59 PM Aug 25th from txt

I want to change the sign in the bookshop to say "If you like Dan Brown you'll like... anything really, you're easily pleased."
7:27 PM Aug 25th from txt
(Deleted comment)
27th-Aug-2009 10:44 am (UTC)
Such a rebel.
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