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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
The townspeople searched for sexual bliss 
23rd-Sep-2009 10:07 am
Been a while since I remembered a dream to post about, and like buses now two come along at once. I started at the gym yesterday (which I'll post properly about once I've been a couple more times) so unsurprisingly that's where the first one started out. Although in the dream I got inside the building but no further, as the door to the gym was closed due to some problem, and I was told to wait a bit then people would be allowed back in. I had to wait outside at the couches with a couple of other people for what turned into over an hour. One woman who was waiting had a kid with her, probably about ten years old, who for some reason started talking to me about school and how he was getting on, and this turned into me telling him how when I was at school the teachers could decide what order to teach the curriculum in depending on the classes' strengths, and asking if it was still done that way nowadays what with very rigid rules about teachers' lesson plans etc. God knows what all that was about.

Then the second dream went for another obvious location, with me at the theatre. It was a very small theatre, not unlike the one I'm going to tonight actually, but I know it was on the ground floor with a door that led straight onto the street. My mum was there with me watching a small-scale comedy musical that was a spoof of Hammer horror movies. The tickets had said the audience should come in fancy dress, and completely out of character my mum had done so - I think she was in something like Marie-Antoinette garb. Despite it being just a bit of light-hearted fun she really didn't seem to enjoy it, and was in a hurry to get out of there as soon as possible. This was one of those dreams that featured a song that I remembered part of when I woke up: Setting the scene at the start of the play, there was a song whose verses were alternated between a man with a deep, posh voice, and a woman with a very good, sweet singing voice. Every verse ended with a couplet, the second line of which was always "the townspeople searched for sexual bliss." So for instance
"So for a while things carried along like this,
The townspeople searched for sexual bliss."
Well, I know I thought the play was good fun anyway, even if my mum didn't. As soon as the bows were done she rushed out, and it must have been an afternoon performance because it was sunny outside.
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