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Twitter ye not 28: He or she is in a tent

In the unlikely event that anyone wants to follow me on Twitter and doesn't know where to go, it's here - @nick730. And this is what I had to say for myself this week:

So do we never get post on Wednesdays now? At least if that's the case let us know so I don't keep running downstairs to check.
11:48 AM Sep 23rd from web

Why does my room smell of dead flowers? No flowers of any kind are allowed access.
11:04 PM Sep 23rd from web

@littleatomies Glad everyone seems to agree with me about Our Class, it was amazing.
1:00 PM Sep 24th from web in reply to littleatomies

The Windows 7 Party is going to be the new "fake subtitles on Downfall," isn't it?
3:56 PM Sep 24th from web

Plinthwatch: Plinther not visible, he or she is in a tent.
5:53 PM Sep 24th from txt

Cherry-picker time! Mental patient, sorry I mean woman dressed like a Discworld witch.
6:00 PM Sep 24th from txt

My personal trainer couldn't make it today so I had a different one. He was lovely but RELENTLESS. Oh the pain.
11:56 AM Sep 25th from web

@helencairns Some better totty in the gym itself today, but none in the changing rooms. Still no D-Boys, obvs.
12:00 PM Sep 25th from web in reply to helencairns

@helencairns Mine was full of old men on Tuesday, so anything's an improvement.
2:03 PM Sep 25th from web in reply to helencairns

I didn't want to doze off this afternoon. Turns out I didn't get any say in the matter.
5:48 PM Sep 25th from web

Still not heard from my personal trainer. I mean, is not turning up just something he does? Will he be there on Monday?
12:01 PM Sep 26th from web

Much better turnout at coffee this month.
4:29 PM Sep 26th from txt

Totty Sunday: "You may remember me from such porn as..." edition.
11:32 AM Sep 27th from txt

Sunny Sunday in Greenwich Park - the last one this year?
2:12 PM Sep 27th from txt

Better totty in the gym itself today (cute twins? Don't mind if I do.) Still nada in the changing room though.
2:28 PM Sep 28th from web

Sleb Spot: Rupert Evans, Royal Court. Unf.
7:09 PM Sep 28th from txt

Plinthwatch: Man with glasses, talking on his mobile. He's sort of moderately cute.
6:38 PM Sep 29th from txt

Sleb Spot: Li'l Chris, Leics Sq. I am NOT amused to be shorter than someone with "Li'l" in his name.
6:52 PM Sep 29th from txt

Cherry-picker time: Beardy man setting up camera on tripod.
7:02 PM Sep 29th from txt
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